Bench Top Hot & Cold Dispenser
Bench Top Hot & Cold Dispenser

Bench Top Hot & Cold Dispenser

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One of the best selling water dispensers in Australia.

Includes: free 20 litre refillable bottle (BPA FREE) with 1 x 8 Stage PREMIUM water filter.

Perfect for the Home or Office.

Easy Installation, just plug and play. (No plumbing required).

Dispense Cold, Hot and Ambient drinking water.

Comes with 3 Year limited warranty. (additional warranty is available).

Switches for Hot and Cold functions so it is entirely up to user’s choice to turn on and off to save power.

Compressor based with gas R134A, which saves a lot of energy.

Sounds quieter than the fridge.


Ergo friendly.

Child lock INC for the hot water button to avoid an accident.

Modern, sleek & stylish design; Of a high quality standard!


IMPORTANT: When setting up machine, ensure you run the new filter under running water for 10 minutes, or soak in a bucket for 8 minutes then run under water for 2 minutes thus ensuring all the activated carbon has been flushed out of the filter cartridge. (Water will run black initially until all flushed out).