AMAZING WATER 5 Stage Filter

AMAZING WATER 5 Stage Filter

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Our water filters have a unique 5 stage filtration process that is designed to purify your drinking water.
Through the five stage process, the filter removes impurities in the water inc.:
• Chlorine
• Bacteria
• Organic sediment
• Rust
• Germs
• Bad taste
Our filters also add important trace minerals required by our bodies inc.:
• Magnesium
• Potassium
• Iodine
• Iron
• Zinc

Our filters are fitted inside the filtration bottle. To ensure consistently clean fresh water.

Warning: This filter will soon become discontinued. We recommend that you upgrade your system to our 8 stage premium filter; this will require an upgrade bottle conversion kit. 


The 5 Stage filter will soon be phased out, check out our upgrade bundles for a higher level of filtration.